Teachers and tasks
Teachers and tasks

Teachers and tasks

Teaching is a noble profession anywhere in the world. The person who chooses to
become teacher must believe that he/she possesses all the necessary qualities to
become an effective teacher. Moreover they should be comfortable and must also enjoy
working with pupils.
wherever a teacher may teach they are always generally confronted with the following
1.Preparing students for grasping new topics
2.Presentation of Learning Activities
3.Questions must be asked at each point of discussion.
4.Monitoring the learners development in academic concern.
5.Giving feedback to the learners.
6.Reviewing the quality of all the learners..
7.Identifying slow learners.
8.Re-discussion of already taught topics.
9.Taking the tutorial and remedial classes.
10.Help providing best notes to the learners
11.Developing a huge bank of various questions

Tasks of a teacher

In short the tasks of a good teacher as outlined above encompass the following points.
1.To bring the desired behavioral changes in the learners
2.To bring desired changes in the mentality of the learners
3.To give the learners proper knowledge of the subject matter
4.To help in skill enhancement of the learners
5.Motivating the learners to make them participate in all types social activities
6.Motivating the learners to ask questions of various kinds to clear all doubts within their minds
7.Motivating the learners to give up all their fears by becoming friendly up to some